Course curriculum

    1. Ingridients. General chemistry. Type of a pigment. Effect on the skin and brow hairs.

    1. Detailed analysis of each shade. Colors testing. Colors tone, depth, nuance.

    1. Mixing ratio. Mixing formulas. Factors that effect final result.

    1. Choosing correct henna shade.

    1. Building a correct anatomical shape.

Brow Henna Masterclass

  • $299.00
  • 17 lessons


Natallia Ivchankova

Natallia started in the beauty industry as a makeup artist, specializing in creating makeup products. As a busy mom, she found that a corporate world was not conducive to her lifestyle. In a leap of faith, she decided to branch out on her own to build a business helping to empower women with a similar lifestyle and quick makeup routine. She quickly realized that brows are the foundation of an entire look. As she gained recognition among clients, she also gained recognition among professionals in her industry, sometimes even called the “Brow Doctor”. Globally renowned educator - Natallia Ivchankova, became a sensation on Instagram for her flawless brow design techniques and applications. She continued her passion of educating by focusing on customized trainings and workshops.